Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

It is just a matter of time.  Baby Girl Carey will be coming out to join us very soon and everyone wants to know when!  We have had some contractions that wouldn't go away (8 hours).  We have had a full moon and the lowest barometric pressure in history (yikes).  Coming off of my medication I was very active, with Halloween, a birthday celebration, pumpkin patches, trying to make my house less of a pit among other things.  None of these have helped a seemingly very anxious girl to come out. 

Last week, I was dilated to a 2 and my doctor had me crawling backwards off the table (envision something out of the exorcist) and sweating bullets when she "checked" me.  This week, she was a little kinder although far from gentle when she said I was a "good 3". 

All signs say that labor and delivery are imminent.  My legs could snap off at the hips like a Barbie doll they are so loose.  Baby has rotated to a nice position so she won't be delivered sunny side up.  My energy levels are high, indicating nesting is starting to happen (I did buy a fire extinguisher last week).  My milk is coming in.  It would appear that, yes, in the next couple of weeks I should deliver a baby.  Exactly. 

I am not a patient person.  I have a tendency to want to control the situation, just a tad.  So today is yard work day.  A surefire method to throw me into labor.  I am going to protect my belly button which is still sore since little girl's bum rests up against it all day long.  I am not going to lift anything heavy or do any twisting, I can already hear all you naysayers.  After the yard work, I may go on a long brisk walk. 

My doctor offered to schedule an induction next week, she was not pushy or anything and said it was totally up to me  (but come on, I am only 38 weeks!).  If anyone has the option of turning down Pitocin I recommend it.  It is an evil, evil drug that makes even the most anethetized birth excruciating and exhausting.  So "no", I will wait it out and baby will come when baby wants to come.  (Or at least I will try 101 natural ways to kickstart this labor before resorting to drugs.)

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