Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 39

Well, we have one more week until the big Due Date.  Not that I believe in due dates.  Did you know that only 5% of women have their babies on their due dates? 

I saw the doctor yesterday and it was a nonevent.  I had myself wound up pretty tightly about it.  I just knew that my doctor was going to turn into a pushy mean lady who would make me pick a date to induce.  I was also worried that she was going to try and get me started in her office.  There are things that I have heard about, but never had done to me that I was terrified of, I think I would have had to ask for Nurse Hilde to come in and hold my hand. 

But, yet again, I was worrying for nothing.  She did check my progress, which hasn't changed.  I am still a 3 and not very effaced although baby is firmly in position in my pelvis. She did not try any "procedures" on me to hurry things along.  She did ask me if I was still wanting to go into labor spontaneously.  We talked about what would happen next week when I reached the magic number.  Most doctors have a firm date that they don't like to go past because of the increase in risk of still birth.  So we talked about how induction would work and what days of the week it would be on, all the practical stuff.

Now I just have to figure out how to go into labor before we get to next week.  I certainly don't want to endanger my baby.  But I also don't want to induce just for convenience sake.  I know so many people who go overdue without any issues.  I truly hope that this decision is taken out of my hands. 

The good news is that I feel great.  I felt awful a month ago and couldn't imagine making it this far.  But it hasn't been bad.  I have definitely reached the 'big as a whale' stage where I couldn't possibly ever be attractive again.  But as far as sleeping, that is fine.  My kids wake me up more than my bladder.  And I don't have much pain any more, no sciatica, no belly button pain.  I am just ungainly and can't reach anything south of the border.  I am definitely ready, but of all the pregnancy weeks and ups and downs, this past one hasn't been bad.

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