Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 32 Update

Well, according to my DH, "it feels like you are really pregnant now."  Hmmm.  I guess from a man's perspective the third trimester starts to feel like the real deal.  Anytime he lays his hand on my belly, baby immediately kicks.  I don't know if that means she is excited when he does that or she is telling him to back off!  I am big, there is no doubt, so visually I must look more pregnant.  I am tired.  I was probably more tired with the other two pregnancies just because of the circumstances, so that also makes it feel more real.  But what I really think he was talking about was the beginning of contractions.

On Thursday evening I told him, while watching TV, that I was contracting.  Just Braxton Hicks, but quite a few for one evening.  I drank a big glass of milk and we went to bed (okay it was chocolate milk, but still).  I was up two times before 1am going to the bathroom and still noticed that I was contracting, figured it was my full bladder.  I also had TERRIBLE dreams, intruder dreams, I hate those.  Then at 3am I woke up and while laying there had a couple of contractions, uh oh.  Had I been contracting all night?  I told Jeff that I was going downstairs to time them.  He said something like, "It'll all be okay."  And then promptly rolled back over.  So I stayed up timing contractions for an hour and half.  Lots and lots! Yikes! 

They weren't super organized, but about 4 to 10 minutes apart and lasted an hour and a half.  I drank two huge glasses of water and tried switching positions several times (side, side, back, pacing, standing, laying).  Then they stopped at about 4:30.  Thank goodness.  Of course they stopped, I was probably just a little dehydrated.  I was exhausted and achy the next day, like my belly had had a workout.  I didn't do a darn thing the next day, and was able to still sleep a good 9 hours the next night, no problem.

So, regardless of how normal this is or isn't, this pregnant lady is laying low for the next 3.5 weeks.  That's it folks, 3.5 weeks until I am 36 weeks.  I don't want medication, I don't want a hospital stay and I definitely don't want bedrest.  So floors, beds, laundry, you can wait approximately 3.5 weeks until I get this baby to full term (actually week 37, but they say that week 36 is close enough).  I am going to drink lots of water and sit on my duff and eat.  And maybe I should do some little things, like get the carseat out of the basement, have Jeff put the crib together, pack a bag and perhaps even choose a name.

One odd thing to mention, I keep losing weight.  Not a ton, but enough to freak me out.  I know that you can lose weight in the last month, maybe this is what I am in, for my body, the last month. I don't know but at my last visit I was down three pounds in two weeks.  Very odd, I definitely didn't do that with Jac or Mia.   

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