Monday, September 27, 2010

The Case of the Missing Blankie

It was bound to happen, we really have been careful with our blankets to not have lost them in five years.  Yesterday however, they went missing and they never left the house!  Evidently the blankies had made it outside to play ambulance?  I am not sure what they were doing playing outside in the first place, in general blankies know to stay inside unless they are on the way to the car. 

So when bedtime rolls around I am told the whole story about how blankies were outside and presumably still are.  Out we go, looking for blankies.  First stop, the garage.  After a thorough search, one pink blankie is recovered and I have to tell you it really needed a bath. But it was already a quarter to eight, so no bath for you.  But one blue blankie is still unaccounted for.  We keep searching.  I search the whole house, just in case memories of the day aren't exactly correct.  No blue blankie. 

Jac is actually okay with it, pretty matter of fact.  Jeff says something like, it will help him grow up.  This does make sense from the one person in the house who wouldn't be woken up when Jac wakes up looking for his blanket in the middle of the night.  Mia keeps "thinking weird thoughts".

Mia:  Mommy, I am thinking something weird.

Me:  What's that Mia (hoping she is about to confess to hiding the blanket)?

Mia:  Well, it probably didn't happen, but what if a stranger (should make that a capital 'S' the way she emphasizes it) came and took it! 

Me:  (Almost laughing) Hmm, I don't think a stranger would come and take Jac's blanket.

Mia:  Oh yeah, you're right. 

Mia:  Mommy, I just had another weird thought.

Me:  (Still hoping she will confess, but interested in this weird thought.)  What's that Mia?

Mia:  This probably didn't happen either, but what if it (the blanket) walked off by itself?!  (Now, you really don't get the full affect from this blog.  I wish I had a camera at the time she is relaying these thoughts as she is very animated, like she is telling a ghost story with her hands up for emphasis and big wide eyes.)

Me:  (Seriously laughing at this point) No, I am very sure that blankets don't walk off by themselves.

Mia:  Oh, you're right.  (I can see her little mind going back to the drawing board, where could this blankie have disappeared to?)

So I put them to bed, one with her pink blankie and about 11 stuffed animals.  One all by himself, tucked in under the covers.  As we were settling in I asked everybody to say a quick prayer that Mommy might find this blanket when she looked again.  I gave kisses and told them I would be looking for the blankie.

I searched the whole house and then went back outside.  Patio, clear.  Yard, clear.  So back to the garage.  I went back to where Jac kept saying it should be right here.  And right there it was.  The blue car was hiding the blue blanket.  It was underneath the car, yuk, on the garage floor.  I tiptoed back upstairs and gave an already sleeping Jac his blanket. 


Sharon said...

Well did he sleep through the night?

Dawn said...

He didn't - but he didn't get out of bed either, which is good. The last two nights he has called for me and then gone right back to sleep when I tucked him back in. Progress?

Staci said...

Such a cute conversation! So glad to hear all blankies are now accounted for!