Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything Checks Out Good

Mia had her four year checkup yesterday.  She was such a big girl.  Literally, this girl is big!  She is 90th percentile on height, I guess not too much of a shocker.  She is in the 50th percentile for weight.  Now these are great numbers, long and lean.  Hopefully she is able to effortlessly keep this body structure forever!  When Jeff heard these numbers, he said something like, "Sounds like her daddy."  He was very generous when he quickly ammended that to say, "Or her mommy!"  It kind of cracked me up.

The rest of her appointment went great, hearing test, blood pressure, physical, all good.  She talked to the doctor which is something my pedi does, to make sure everything is good with the child.  She asks questions like, "Where do you ride when you are in the car?"  I love that she is an advocate for her patient not necessarily the parent. 

Then came the shots.

I have had to hold Mia down twice in the last month to allow people to torture her.  Ugh.  She was sunny and cute and lovely and then she panicked.  She stood up on the table and practically ran to the other corner, I started to talk calm to her and get her "off the ledge", but she wasn't it having it.  So I grabbed her and told her that she had to lay down.  Double ugh.  She was so scared and big tears started to roll.  It was over quick, thank goodness.

As soon as I let her up, she popped up and straight into my arms and sobbed.  Until I asked her what was on her bandaids and then the sun came out again.  Amazing what a Tweety Bird bandage will do.  And off we went, like nothing had happened. 

Next year, Daddy gets to hold her down.

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