Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mia Turns Four

How is that possible?  Well, all of the cliches are true.  They grow up so fast. 

My precious baby girl is now a fully fledged pre-schooler with opinions, ideas and spunk.  This little girl is going to give the world a run for it's money.  She is a girl full of contradictions and complexity.  She'll tell you she isn't afraid of ANYTHING, except when she gets sleepy.  She loves to browse the baby toy section, but thinks that she can do anything that Jac and his friends can do.  She needs privacy to go to the bathroom, but still wants you to help clean up.  She is a tomboy without a prissy bone in her body, but still insists on wearing dresses when she wants to wear them. 

I love that she has a lisp that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I love that she sucks her thumb and needs her blankie almost perpetually.  I love that she holds her big brother's hand when she is scared.  I love that she still says 'wipe' instead of 'white'.  I love that she will squeeze herself into any stroller that you offer.

And then the contradictions.  I love that she gets mad at you if you didn't let her order her own food at the restaurant.  I love that she is generous beyond her years and will share absolutely anything.  I love that she soothes her big brother when he gets hurt.  I love that she knows exactly what she wants and can explain it to you.  I love that she can remember tiny details from when she was two.

She is clearly a female.  She is hard to figure out and wonderful when you do.  She is everything you would want in a daughter and a sister; but I can see glimpses of the friend and even wife and mother she will become.  She is compassionate, trustworthy, loyal and so stubborn.  She can negotiate better than most 35 year olds.  She can pull off wearing winter boots in July and knows exactly what angle to wear a hat.

Did I mention she gives the best hugs and kisses?

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Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Love this post!
Happy Birthday Mia!