Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindergarten Update

Jac is in his third week of Kindergarten and still loving it.  I guess though, if you don't love Kindergarten it is going to be a long 13 years of school!  He can't even pinpoint what his favorite thing is, he loves it all so much. 

Here are a few things I love about Kindergarten:
- His teacher is great.  First of all she communicates via email, love her.  I have all together too much paper in my life and to be able to file it in folder and refer back whenever I want is so nice.  (Why is there so much paperwork with Kindergarten?  It's like buying a new car or bringing home a baby from the hospital in Texas!  Forms to fill out, permission slips to sign, fundraisers to pay off, and of course his cute homework.)
- Did I mention his teacher was great?  Besides living in the 21st century communication style, she also seems to already be reading my sons strengths and weaknesses (or opportunities if you want to PC).  She has noted that he is a great listener and he is bringing home lots of stickers for our school's version of "good citizenship".  But she also has already started to try and bring him out of his shell.  She told me that he does talk to her if it is a one on one conversation, but that anytime he is asked a question in a group situation he freezes up.  So she is already working on it, fantastic. 
- The bus picks him up and drops him off in front of our house on time everyday!  Wow, I can really get on board with this public transportation thing.  Not only does it take one thing off my plate, but it also gives him a chance to practice his social skills (we have had a bit of angst already), and it is good for the environment!  The social situation on the bus, where you are prettymuch forced to talk to someone and sit in close proximity to people you both like an dislike, to get right with that in Kindergarten is huge.  I know some parents want to rescue their child from this situation (and I certainly wouldn't tolerate any form of bullying) but I love that Jac is learning more tools to deal with people and situations he isn't comfortable with, without the bus, we wouldn't have had some of these great learning moments. 

I think this Kindergarten thing is really good for all of us.  It is reminding me (as I remind Jac) to be tolerant of others and their personalities, but also speak up!  If something is bothering you, don't complain about it do something about it.  Really, all life's lessons start in Kindergarten, too bad that they don't end there.

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