Monday, September 20, 2010

Swimming Lessons Part Two

We are back in swim lessons and it has been going, well, swimmingly.  First of all, there is nothing like 45 minutes of kicking and moving in the water to knock out two little kids.  When they hit the sheets there is no hoopla, horsing around, or random requests for bunnies and water.  I keep thinking that I am going to need to get a tiny little treadmill or something for them so that going to sleep is a non issue this winter. 

They both love the lessons and are definitely improving and becoming more comfortable in the water.  Jac actually said that his favorite part was, "when I get to put my face in the water".  Well that made me laugh out loud because he has basically avoided getting his face wet for his entire five years on this planet. 

The little boy who caused trouble is back from the first round of swim lessons.  We like to think that this boy just has extra energy.  He jumps (constantly), he splashes (nonstop), he sort of pins kids to the wall (seems to have personal space issues).  Well, of course we talk about him before each lesson and discuss our strategy.  Jac will help Mia to move away from him.  Jac will be the big brother and make sure she feels like she can move.  Mia will ask him to stop with her mouth and keep moving away.  And if it gets really out of hand, they must ask the instructors for help (yeah right).  Needless to say, he isn't really upsetting her this time around, just annoying her.  She did say, "he must get more sleep than I do".  I asked why that was.  She said, "because he has so much energy!"  She is very wise.

I do admit that the one thing I really struggle with is the lack of family time in the evenings.  It seems like there is a constant battle to fend off evening activities that land smack during dinner.  I know everyone else struggles with this also.  I don't know how to recreate that time somewhere during the day.  I miss that brief connection when all four of us are together and around the table.  Any suggestions?

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