Friday, July 23, 2010

Safety Town

Jac graduated from Safety Town today.  It was cute, they sang a little song and then they got a certificate and a sticker badge from the Officers.  It was a great program, and I am very happy that we did it.  They talked about water safety, fire safety, animal safety, car safety, bus safety, bike safety, strangers and poisons.  I think that the two things that I really appreciate from this is the bus ride they got to do, because I truly hope that Jac doesn't get anxious about getting on the bus this fall.  I also love the fact that the officers who ran the program were so personable, if Jac ever has the need of a policeman he will be comfortable talking to them.  (Where as an adult I can barely talk to an officer without freaking out, not sure why that is.)

Here is the terrible pictures that I snapped today!

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