Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Don't Want to Grow Up

Sometime this spring and summer I have realized that Mia isn't going to be a "baby" much longer.  I realize she isn't a baby in the real sense, she is almost four.  However, kids let go of their babyness in different ways  and at different times.  Mia, being the youngest has held on to hers and I love it.  Her status as youngest has an expiration date on it, as does her status as a three year old.  Anything goes as a three year old, you can still pretty much get away with anything.  But at four, expectations change, as they should.  She will also be a big sister this fall, that means a lot of growing up will occur in the next few months.

Some of Mia's baby traits that I love and wish she could have longer are her lisp.  I am sorry, but I love her lisp.  Mia has been talking since before she was one, but she mispronounces lots of words and she has a lisp.  Love it.  Mia likes to add a "y" to the end of a lot of things, "whoasy", "pursey", "lobstery", "Jacy", etc.  She also sucks her thumb.  I believe she will be doing this for quite awhile much to her dentist's dismay.  She said the other day that she would stop sucking her thumb when she was 13, hmm.  Mia has kept her rolly polliness a little longer than Jac did, but I see her stretching out.  She is losing her toddler belly and sometimes when I dress her in the morning it feels like there is nothing to her. 

Mia has always been my independent little girl, but with a lazy streak.  She wants privacy now when she pottys and pretty much always takes care of cleaning herself.  She has always sat on the little potty and the big potty was reserved for Jac.  I think it is easier for boys to use the big potty standing up, but for girls it is a lot to climb onto every time.  Well, the other day she threw a fit because Jac was using the big potty and she didn't want to have to wait for it.  Normally, they sit across from each other and chat when they are doing their business, but on this day she wanted nothing to do with it.

Her laziness comes when she wants to be carried everywhere.  I remember being her age and wanting to be carried, I used to pretend to be asleep.  Obviously you can't ask a sleep child to walk home by themselves!  She hasn't quite figured out that trick yet, but she asks nonstop to be carried or for "someone" to do something for her.  "I need someone to go get my blanket upstairs."  This is where I look around the room and realize that the only "someone" here is me! 

She has little things she does that remind me of babyhood.  When you pick her up, she will often keep her legs straight out waiting to be wrapped around your waist.  Have I mentioned her blanket?  She keeps her blankie within ten feet at all times.  If it is forgotten, she will often ask "Did you bring my blanket?"  Although Mia is my outgoing child she is very clingy in new situations.  She will grab my hand with both of hers to insure that I am coming with her into the lion's den.  She is a mess in a dress, the child seriously can't help but being filthy by the end of the day.  She tells an awful "knock-knock" joke.

It makes me a bit sad to think of her being ousted as the baby.  I am glad we gave her four years to be in that position.  Just like with Jac when I was pregnant with Mia, it is so hard to imagine three children while I only have two.  I know it will take adjustments on all of our parts and I plan to focus a lot of my energy on how Mia is adjusting and feeling about the new baby. 

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