Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't Let It Go To Your Head

I am the unfortunate mother of an oldest child who has an enormous head.  He has had this gigantic head since the day I gave birth to him, well actually it was much before that in utero.  This kid was off the charts from day one. 

Well, he has been going to a camp this week and they were all fitted with new bicycle helmets.  This is very fortuitous because his helmet that he got last year with his bike is definitely getting too small.  I asked him about his helmet when he brought it home and he said, I was the only one who got a gray helmet.  (They were color coded by size.)  Hmm, sure enough when I flipped it over it said "L" on the label.  I am glad that he was fitted professionally, I probably would have bought one too small. 

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