Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bump Watch

If I were famous, I believe I would have to officially tell my fans I was pregnant.  It isn't huge, that comes later.  But it is definitely there.  The bump.  I actually prefer having a bump than just looking really fat.  My bump tends to travel around to the rear a bit, instead of being a good bump and staying out front where it is supposed to be, but regardless I definitely have a bump.

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday.  It was one of the run of the mill, pee in a cup, take your blood pressure, measure the bump and step on a scale sort of appointments.  Honestly, being of "advanced maternal age", I actually haven't had too many of the run of the mill kind.  They keep taking blood, doing extra ultrasounds, etc, etc.  But this one was very quick, in and out.  My blood pressure is good, we won't talk about my weight (So far on track to match my weight gain with Jac vs with Mia, yowzer!), urine is good (I know you wanted to know that.), my bump is 21 cm which is textbook since I am 21 weeks almost 22 weeks prego, and fetal heart tones were great with a heart rate of 160 bpm. 

My next appointment is in four weeks.  I get to take the glucose test.  For those of you who forget or for those of you who haven't gotten to experience this joyous drink, you drink this nasty Orange Fanta knock off and then an hour later you get your blood taken.  Supposed to determine if you have gestational diabetes.  Actually, the orange drink isn't so bad, I have done it twice before and lived.  The blood letting.....I mean giving, drives me crazy.  I am not good at it.  But my doctor has a phlebotomist on staff and she lets me lay down while she sticks me, so it is a little better. 

What did kind of freak me out is that after my next appointment we go to the every two week schedule.  You know you have progressed and are getting nearer to D day when the appointments start coming fast and furious.  The staff already knows me on sight and by name, and soon we will be discussing gardening, the latest book we have read and what is for dinner that night.  Ready or not, here we go.

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