Thursday, November 26, 2009


This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my husband. Jeff got me out of Missouri and helped me grow. He brought me back to Missouri when the support of our family mattered so much. Jeff pushed me to go farther and think bigger than anyone ever had. Jeff believes in me everyday, especially when I don't believe in myself. He is a one of a kind optimist with a sarcastic and cynical edge - it makes for an interesting combo.

I am thankful for the things that my husband cannot control. I love the way he looks, I love the way he smells. I am thankful he has good taste and is smart. I am thankful he has a great memory. I am thankful for his amazing geography skills. I love his creativity, without it things like "Camp Austin", "Spring of Fun" and the "Sports Couples Road Trip" wouldn't exist. I am thankful he has a great job that allows me to be at home with the kids and do things like write this blog. I am thankful he can build a fire.

I am thankful for the things he can control. I am thankful he makes time for me and the kids. I am thankful he likes to go camping, hiking, biking and all things outdoors. I am thankful he likes to sleep in on vacation, but still has a list of things we must see. He loves to travel and he pushes me to see places and do things I wouldn't always choose to see. I am so glad he is patient with me and my terrible memory and mommy brain.
I am grateful for the things he has given me. Without him there would be no Jac or Mia. I am grateful for the family that came with him. I am so happy to have converted to his religion. I am so thankful that my family loves him as much as I do. For all of these things and for so many more I am grateful for this husband!

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Kerrie said...

well... i finally took time for myself and read some of your posts! very sweet. i loved all of the pics of course but this last one of thanks is super sweet for you guys but left me feeling like the worst wife on the planet. :) loved it dawn!