Friday, November 20, 2009

Minivans are Hot - Giveaway

No, I am not giving away a minivan, but the uberchic minivan driving mom from is having a giveaway. Jump over and check her blog out and be amazed by her wit and wisdom! Okay that may be a little thick. But she is talented and funny and it is definitely worth checking her out and signing up to be in a drawing for the book Testament Focused by Becke Stuart. The book is full of beautiful pictures and encouraging Words.

You can also see more about the book at Becke's blog Moop and Saba.

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Kelli said...

Who is this uberchic talented individual you're speaking of? I'd LOVE to meet her. :) Thanks for the sweet write up and now you have TWO entries in the drawing. Fun stuff and good luck! (And it's very nice to meet a new blog reader - thanks for the comments)