Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jac - Before and After



Jac got a haircut over the weekend. Quite a dramatic makeover if you ask me! He went from barely being able to see his eyes, to seeing all of his cute cutie face. I actually think he looks younger because we had his hair cut shorter like this when he was around two and a half.

Jac at 30 months

And like Samson his strength left him when his hair was cut. He has lost all strength for fits and complaining. It is a miracle transformation and he has been sleeping 11 hours at night. His behavior has done a 180 turn and we are all a lot happier.

One more interesting picture - no resemblance here at all.



Amy Platon said...

cutie pie!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Ohmigosh! The resemblance!!!! Genes are an amazing thing!!!!

Dawn said...

And the looks aren't the only thing, I call him mini Jim because he resembles him in personality also. Very cute.

Daphne said...

What a cutie!