Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did you see the elves?

It took a couple of days, but this morning both children were firing on all cylinders. Happy, funny, ate well, got dressed on time, brushed teeth (well, at least Jac brushed his teeth), it was a well oiled machine. So of course, Santa's elves had a prime opportunity to come and visit and check up on the kiddos. While Jac and Mia were playing in the basement I went upstairs and made some footstep noises on the wall, very fast pitter-patters. Then I squealed as high as I could in my most elfish voice and threw some candy on the floor.

I ran downstairs very excited.

"Did you see the elves? Did they come down here?" I was breathless and very excited acting like I truly had just had a North Pole experience.

I got two dumbfounded looks.

"Let's go see if they are still here, I just heard Santa's elves and I bet they were checking up on you for Santa." This was very apropos as we had just written our letters to Santa last night including how good we had been!

So then Jac got it. He ran up the stairs and ran to look in the kitchen. Then he looked out the window, thinking that maybe he would see them "driving" or running away.

"I think they were upstairs, maybe we can tell if they were here." I needed them to get upstairs because the candy evidence would be what truly "proved" that they had been here.

They went upstairs, and started looking in the various rooms. They were peering out the window because I do think they realized that they must be long gone by now. I looked down the hallway at the candy on the floor and realized that they were blending in with the Lighting McQueen Town Rug that was currently decorating the upstairs hallway. The green and red Hershey kiss bells were completely blending in and they had walked right by them. I quickly took the rug into Jac's room and then asked them to come look in there, they literally had to walk right over them. These are the pictures of them finding the candy.

Finding the Candy (finally)

Collecting the Candy

Eating the Candy


Daphne said...

Very cute. I'm glad that you have been able to make these wonderful memories for your kids. They will always remember this.

Christi said...

That is SO CUTE!!! I will never forget the elves coming to our house and how much fun we had looking for them (and eating the candy!).