Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween: A litte late

We had a great Halloween. Jac and Mia were little tornados that went screaming through the neighborhood for almost 2 hours trick-or-treating. They literally ran from house to house. So cute.

Jac had it totally figured out this year, the faster you go the more candy you get. And Mia was a close second. We had fun with them and they make me laugh so much. Jac would say - 'okay Mia, it is your turn to ring the doorbell'. Which is very nice and big brother like - then Mia would literally push the doorbell 50 times until the people showed up and open the door. I didn't realize what she was doing until partway through and then that made me laugh again!

The Racecar Driver and the Ladybug with their friend the Butterfly


Daphne said...

Is the liile girl with the kids the same height as Mia? Mia is two heads taller!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

LOVE the ladybug costume! SOOO cute! Josie just chuckled when she saw the picture!