Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reindeer Games

Well, this family doesn't only let me play their reindeer games, they downright force me! I do love the family that plays together. After plenty of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie was eaten we played games at the in-laws. Jac asked me after the second family game together (first we played the second annual flag football game and then we played two rounds of "Papa's game" which is an indoor game that Papa swears he didn't have anything to do with creating), "why are we playing games"? Which I thought was an interesting question.

To play or not to play, what type of interaction does your family have during holidays and get-togethers? The tendency is to let the kids play and the adults talk and never the twain shall meet. Not that this is bad, I have a lot of fond memories of playing with my cousins, kids that you instantly bond with even though you only see a handful of times throughout the year. However, I do think it is especially memorable to mix the two groups and see what you get. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas and grandpas all playing the same game - all ages all genders. Big ones helping little ones and everybody laughing and making memories.

I need to give props to my football team, The Turkey Legs - we beat The Gobblers 6 to 4. I believe each touchdown was worth one point for those of you who were confused. We even had several injuries on the team as well as had one of our team members picking daisies on the sideline most of the game. (Which was actually easier than making sure Mia wasn't getting plowed over by any of the more aggressive flag footballers.) We also had some pass rushing that was a bit aggressive - counting to 3 MISSISSIPPI seemed to be a challenge for some of The Gobblers. And of course the team was a man down when I had to help Jac go to the bathroom, which turned in to bringing back the wagon and some leaves and sticks. And not only did we win, but we definitely took home the fashion reward. I can't say the same for The Gobblers - are those in-laws or outlaws?

We all had fun and quickly popped some Tylenol as a post game reward.


Daphne said...

Looks like you had a ball!

Dawn said...

Plenty of blood, sweat and tears. Well actually there was no blood or tears, just sweat. I am pretty sure everyone under 30 wasn't sweating just the old people!