Friday, October 1, 2010

The Real Story of the Oil Spill

With a title like that you may think this is another big business hating post from yours truly.  Au contraire.  My five year old knows how it really went down.

If you look closely at the atlas that he has been coloring.  (Yes, Jac and Mia play with an old atlas lying around because in our house Santa brings my husband a new atlas every year; in case a road changes.)  I wasn't here to listen to the complete story, but down the Atlantic coast there is another highway, drawn in blue and green.  A car, presumably a large one, was driving down that highway and made it to the Gulf only to crash!  All of it's oil spilled out, causing the large purple stain that you see in the Gulf. 

There you have it.  Jac's version of the Gulf oil spill.  Who knew he even was aware of the oil spill?  Better start watch what I am saying in front of him!

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Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh Dawn, that is TOO funny! And what a great 'toy' - an old atlas!!!!