Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Workers

Don't underestimate what a four year old and five year old can do.  I have received help from a lot of people this week.  Friends bringing me things and offering to bring me things, offers to walk Trucker, child care and bus services, prayers; all of it wonderful.  But to receive the understanding and help from the tiniest of people, that is also amazing. 

Jac and Mia have helped with the dishes, unloading mostly. They have helped me endlessly pick things up off the floor, which sometimes seems like the most insurmountable of tasks.  They have helped me with the laundry, switching it out and carrying to a nice high counter to be folded.  They have really helped in the self care, often getting their own snacks, trying to put their shoes on by themselves, washing their own hair and the list goes on. 

It makes me wonder why I didn't have them doing this stuff before?  But all in good time, they are becoming responsible little people that only whine about their workload every once in awhile.  They do ask for money a lot, so they aren't entirely altruistic! 

It takes a village, and even the tiniest are part of the village. 

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