Monday, October 11, 2010

The Final Countdown

So, Jeff and I had an interesting weekend.  I guess it shouldn't be considered that interesting considering we have done it two times before.  I was having contractions on Friday evening that just wouldn't go away regardless of what I did.  So around 10pm we decided to call the doctor and she said to go ahead and head to the hospital. 

Long story short, everything is fine.  Baby is fine and they were able to stop the contractions with medication.  I am on medication until next week when I will be 36 weeks.  36 weeks is not exactly full term but you have a very high percentage of babies who don't have any lung issues at 36 weeks.  Mia was born 24 hours after I stopped the medication at 36 weeks. 

I was a bit emotional about all of it.  Part of that is just, hello I am pregnant, and part is the medication makes me feel weird and gives me a headache.  I don't get headaches and don't deal well with them.  Also, even though I was taking the medicine yesterday I was contracting again in the evening, and I thought, great, I am going to have to labor with this viscious headache.  How would that work? 

But headache has gotten better and I have had a wonderful day of telling a lot of people what I won't be able to do over the next two weeks.  You can really clear your calendar when you need to, it's amazing.  I have also had so many people offer help and provide help, it is very humbling.  I know that it is a pay it forward event, because there is no way to repay all of my wonderful friends and family individually. 

So get ready folks, we are probably going to have an October baby.  Which day do you think it will be?  I am 36 weeks on Tuesday and that is when my next doctor's appointment is.  I will stop the meds that day assuming all is well.  It could be that day, but I doubt it.  But perhaps by the weekend we could have another bouncing baby!


Christi said...

I think baby is tricking you and will stay in there longer to bake. :)

Sharon said...

Another Halloween baby wouldn't be a bad thing. Hang in there.

What about Halley? Just joking. What are the name candidates? Still the same