Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween

Halloween is a fun time these days, if maybe just a TAD overdone.  And this come from the Halloween Queen.  I am born on Halloween afterall, I believe that I have experienced most of the Halloween excitement that there is to experience.  I love Halloween, I admit.  But wow, we officially have Halloween coming out our ears.

The kids love it, of course.  My wish for them is that they take away fun memories with family and friends outside of the ridiculous amounts of candy.  I also hope they walk a little taller knowing their mommy made their costumes (because more than likely it is the last time!)  And maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in some discussions about how we are donating to various charities at some of the events that we go to. 

Mia was the cutest pumpkin at school (she did have some competition from one of her teachers) at her Halloween party and parade yesterday. 

Mia and I got together with her classmates at the pumpkin patch.

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Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh Dawn, that costume looks FANTASTIC! A very cute jack-o-lantern!!!!