Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Stuff on a Thursday

I am 15 weeks and a couple of days, which is kind of crazy.  With my track record I could be approaching the halfway mark in a few weeks.  I can only expect the rest of the summer to fly by and be looking at October with some disbelief.  I am truly a grown-up.  I am going to be the mother of three, how in the world did that happen? 

Jeff and I took the kids today to my doctor's appointment so that they could hear the baby's heartbeat.  I was just a little nervous.  (What if they couldn't find a heartbeat?)  I know, I know, everything is fine.  But I think all moms go through the first trimester pretty well aware that they feel awful, therefore a baby must be brewing.  But then you hit the ooooh, I feel great period!  Lots of energy, appetite decrease a little, no more nausea, less tummy trouble and other than the big boobs and increasing belly you really don't know what is going on in there anymore.  I haven't felt the baby move yet, which is normal.  Most people feel the baby around week 18 if they have had kids before, it can be a lot later than that if it is your first pregnancy.  But I felt Mia at week 14, so this last week I have really been trying to concentrate on it.  But nothing really, every once in awhile I feel like there is a little hamster in there twirling, but it could be gas.  Anyway, Nurse Hilde (love her German accent) found the heartbeat immediately, 155ish beats per minute.  The doctor surprised me with another blood test.  The kids got see their mom be brave!  I hate giving blood.  But all was good, they got a lollipop and were very good.  In three weeks, I will have the big ultrasound and hopefully see a perfectly healthy baby in there! 

I said this would be random and all I have talked about is baby.  So here is some more news.  For those of you interested; the fawn has been around the house again.  Not in our yard, thankfully.  But it was in my neighbors yard for a day and then in my other neighbors yard yesterday.  Right out in the open, just curled up in the grass.  We had a heat induced thunderstorm yesterday evening.  Around 5:30 it started to blow and get dark, sprinkled at first and then it was a pretty crazy storm in a matter of ten minutes or so.  I didn't see it, but my neighbor said that the fawn moved under the trees when in started raining.  And then came the cavalry, mama came running up the valley to collect baby before it got nasty.  She nursed for a couple of minutes in the rain and then scooted baby off to the woods for a little more shelter.  I did go out and look for baby after the rain cleared, I mean, it really rained!  So it was nice to hear that mama was doing her job so well!

Last but not least.  I don't think it is entirely fair to invite a pregnant woman to a wedding.  It could be worse, it could be my wedding and I could be prego - I guess that would be the worst case scenario.  Or, I could be in the wedding party, more likely and definitely more uncomfortable than just having to go out and shop for a maternity dress that is appropriate for a wedding.  The one I was going to wear, made me look like a stuffed sausage, really not good.  If I was brave I would post the picture I made Jeff take of me, but I am a total chicken.  I will post a picture of the two of us all decked out on Saturday.  Even though I feel huge, I am sure I will have a lot of fun, and am glad we are going.  It is just really hard to feel attractive when you are a couple of sizes out of everything you own!

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