Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Update, Finishing First Trimester

A few more details on the new baby are in order.  I am in my 13th week and will be out of this trimester tomorrow.  This is a good landmark because it generally means you have made it through the risky part.  Of course a pregnancy can still end badly at this point, most of the time once you make it to this point you can celebrate! 

I received good news yesterday which makes me even more comfortable with my babies health.  When you get to a certain age, insurance companies will start paying for more testing.  The idea here is to be prepared for any issues that may be present at birth.  Chromosomal issues start popping up more frequently as your eggs age and by the time you are 35 your odds are 1 in 350 in having a Down's Syndrome baby.  Down's babies have a lot of heart issues or can be still born, so you want to monitor those pregnancies differently than you would a baby without issues. 

So yesterday I went in for a "First Look" ultrasound, this test needs to be done in a specific window during the end of the first trimester.  During the ultrasound the tech reassured me that she saw no markers for any chromosomal issues (Down's and Trisomy).  She also was able to see all four limbs, two hands, two feet, umbilical cord attached properly, functioning tummy, heart rate of 171, both kidneys, and a lovely spinal cord.  She also was able to show us that baby likes to suck her thumb, very cute.  The tech would not bet on gender but she did say it looked like we had about a 70% chance of having a girl.  There you have folks, more than likely, although definitely don't go buying anything, we are having another girl. 

I also had a finger prick for a test that looks at my hormone levels, also indicators, if out of certain ranges, of chromosomal issues.  I will have those results in 5 to 7 days.  All in all, it was a great day.  I was very reassured.  Jeff was with me and it was lovely to be able to gaze at our (maybe) daughter for 20 minutes or so.  I wish I had a scanner and I would upload some of the pictures she gave us. 

My due date remains November 17th, baby is growing nicely, but is about 2 days behind an exact gestational age of 12 weeks 5 days, not enough to change due date.  Baby was actually 3 days behind at the last screening, so she has actually gained a little ground.  Based on my tendency to have pretty large babies, I have no doubt that she will continue to gain ground. 

So there you have it!  Next steps I have a regualar doctor's appointment in a few weeks and then in about six to eight weeks I will have the "anomoly" screening to make sure all the organs, appendages look good and they will be able to give a firmer indication of gender.  For now, we are still coming up with girl AND boy baby names. 


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Three Against One said...

Congratulations Dawn I didn't know you were expecting #3 that is fabulous!! Can't wait to read as your pregnancy progresses.

Dawn said...

Thanks! And yes we are taking name nominations. So start rolling them in!