Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bambi, Where's Your Mama?

Today is the first day that has been dry and sunny in a LONG time.  Much to my surprise when I went out to start some yardwork, this is what I found in one of my flower beds.  Bambi! 

Bambi where is your mama?  You can't be more than a couple of days old, maybe even brand new.  What are you doing hiding under my hydrangea without a mommy in sight?  I have already seen the demise of the ducklings I do not need any more babies dying near my house! 

Well of course, I was the nosey neighbor and called Child Protective Services (Conservation Department) on that mama deer.  Guess what they said!  Completely normal.  The mama deer will leave their babies unprotected for long periods of time to go and eat.  Then they will come back and collect them.  What a good baby to stay and wait so patiently for his mama. 

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