Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am a huge advocate of buying local and organic produce.  So why not try and grow it in my backyard, doesn't get any more local than that.  I am trying to be green also with what goes in and on my garden, but I have a lot of room for improvemnt. 

Jeff made three raised beds last week and I filled them with dirt (organic compost, peat moss, vermiculite) and planted my veggies!  Evidently, you aren't supposed to buy peat moss anymore, it isn't a renewable resource.  Soooooo, next year I definitely need to start my long awaited compost pile in order to have humus of my own to lighten up my soil.  This Missouri clay is tough gardening!  I also could do a lot of other things to green up, collect rain water, plant cover crops and save seeds.  I did try and plant most of my stuff from organic local seed this year.  So if I am smart I will save that seed and not need to buy new next year, we'll see.  I will also be about 8 months pregnant around the same time. 

All of these are pretty lofty goals.  For now, I am just happy that I may get a tomato or two out of the garden.  Couldn't have done it with out my DH, thank you Jeff!

Quick update on the fawn.  It's mommy came and collected it Saturday night at some point.  Then she promptly deposited in my neighbors flower bed.  Haven't spotted it yesterday or today, but I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the fawn.

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