Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Now Have A First Grader

This picture doesn't show any of his excitement.  He was literally bouncing off the walls like it was Christmas Day and so happy. 

Last bus ride as a Kindergartner!

At the park to celebrate after school.

Sheesh!  A first grader.  It truly was a wonderful year.  I have to say Kindergarten is lovely.  We had a fanatastic teacher and she kept us all in line and organized.  Jac can read and loves to write.  He is constantly teaching himself things.  He made new friends and learned things like, kickball, rope climbing, how to punch in his pin number to pay for his lunch at school, how to ride the bus and so many other things.  I am proud of him for his accomplishments and how well he adjusted to a new class, new teacher, new school and new friends.  First grade, here we come!

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