Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mia's Last Day

Last day of school today for Mia.  Crazy!  Summer is officially here and she said, "I can't wait to swim".  So I am sure that tomorrow morning she is expecting to either walk outside in her back yard and take a dip, or go to the local pool. 

She has her opinions on everything.  A funny story recently.  She has a good friend who is moving away to New Jersey.  In trying to figure this out she keeps saying, where is Leah going, Mississippi?  Cananda? Pretty much fill in the blank of any state or country that she has ever heard.  Then we have an ongoing argument (over the past couple of months) of who is older, her or Leah.  It is Leah according to the Gregorian Calendar that as Americans we all adhere to.  Except Mia.  She insists that even though August is before September, Leah was born on the 3rd of August and Mia was born on the 7th of September and because 7 is larger than 3 she is still older.  All of this is wrong because Leah was actually born on August 28th, so that argument doesn't work but I haven't broken it to her.  Last week she said that she had to be older than Leah because she was in afternoon preschool and Leah was in morning classes, hmm.  And prior to that it was because she was bigger than Leah.  And prior to that there was no good argument, just Mia insisting she was older.  I swear she is going to be a lawyer.

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