Monday, May 16, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Pet Day.  My first reaction was, no way.  Why would I want to take Trucker to elementary school for 50 kindergartners to see, while might I add, wheeling Stella along.  It sounded like a bit too much.  It sounded like it could go very wrong. 

Well, I have said it before and I will say it again, mommy guilt will get you to do things you didn't think you would do.  Jac didn't really compain, he just looked at me, with those big blue eyes.  Jeff said it though, plain and clear, 'you kind of have to do it, right.'  'Trucker is his pet.'

So there you go.  That is why I showed up at school today with a Golden sooooo happy to be alive and an almost 6 month old in a stroller, pissed that she was being kept from her nap.  But actually, all went well.  It was really fun, and I am glad I did it.  Jac got to be the center of Kindergarten attention for his two minutes of fame, Trucker got to meet at least five new dogs and all kinds of kids who didn't want to stop petting him.  And Stella, she survived.  She was really good until the end.  And then she promptly fell asleep once back in the car. 

So Trucker, in his first pet show.

Stella was up A LOT last night, which is unusual.  But, right on time, I think there is a tiny little tooth coming in.  Just a hint of one on the bottom left.  This is good!  Once we get those two bottom ones in, we should be good on the teething front for awhile.  Stella is a rolling, sitting, eating machine.  She is doing all of the six month old 'stuff'.  And it all came at once.  She is a different baby this last week.  She is protesting when she drops things and looking for them.  She can pick up a paci and put it in her mouth.  She is eating solids, today she ate two jars of food.  She finished all of her cereal this morning.  This from a baby who protested when you put the spoon in her mouth a month ago.  So lots of firsts for baby Stella.  And maybe tomorrow I can say her first tooth, also!

So the last first!  Jeff went to the baseball game tonight with his dad, his uncle and his cousin.  That in itself I am sure is a first.  They caught a foul ball!  Jeff has never caught one, he has been near them several times and probably could have knocked over a twelve year old to get one, but after 38 years he still hasn't been that close to one, until tonight!  How exciting!

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