Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Times and a Long Winter

Has this been a long winter or what?  For everyone who has escaped to warmer climates, boo on you!  Actually you picked the perfect winter to flee.  I am not sure if it really has been snowier and colder than normal but it sure feels like it, especially with a two month old! 

We did get to beat the winter blues with a trip to our favorite Children's Museum.  It was definitely timely, as the snow moved in on Monday (actually sleet) and socked us all in.  I do think that calling afternoon Kindergarten on Monday was a bit much.  And by Thursday, surely it was safe enough to go.  But alas, they don't ask my opinion on these matters. 

Making Music with our Tushes!

No, I don't let her pick up Stella.  (Notice the direction of the babies head.)  However, I was just enouraged that she was interested in babies!  Normally, her attention is only given to stuffed animals.

Stella is clearly excited about going out!  I took her to the bus stop to get Jac because it was a warm 40 degrees on Friday.  She is a smiley girl right now and liked her little outing.   Although the bright snow made her keep her eyes closed most of the time.  She is so excited to get out and about, thank goodness the groundhog didn't see his shadow.

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