Friday, February 4, 2011

Stella Checkup - 10 Weeks

Stella had her checkup yesterday.  She was a healthy 12lbs 12oz which is 75% and she was 23.5 inches which is also 75%.  So she is nice and proportional, but with a few chunky rolls.  She is doing well on the sleeping front.  Her 'normal' night is 8 or 9pm to 4:30am and then another wake up at 6:30am.  She did a 9pm to 6:30am two days ago which was awesome! 

Her napping isn't great.  I can hear her right now waking up from a 35 minute nap.  Way too short!  She takes about four of those little cat naps a day.  After observing her yesterday and hearing about her napping, the doctor said something like, "maybe she is just sensitive.  That isn't like your other kids, is it?"  Au contraire, good doctor.  My positive spin on this was, maybe Jac will be able to help Stella.  They can bond over this!

Stella just in the last two days laughed for the first time.  It was while I was zipping up her pjs and brushed her chin.  It must have tickled because she belly laughed.  Of course I couldn't get her to do it again until the next day.  So sweet!


Sharon said...

I am sad that I am missing seeing the kids more often. She looks adorable in those pictures.

Christi said...

She looks like Jac's twin in this picture!