Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He Loves His Baby Sister

Jac is definitely in love with his baby sister.  He has always been a great big brother.  He always reports when Mia gets hurt, he holds her hand when she is scared and he plays with her nonstop.  But you never know what a third is going to do to the mix.  So far so good.  Jac thinks she is the 'cutest baby in the world' and since 'babies are the cutest things in the world' is logic stands that 'she is the cutest thing in the world'. 

He gives her kisses.  He likes to hold her hands.  He has asked to hold her a couple of times.  He is smitten!  I am so thankful that Stella has come into our lives and that both Jac and Mia love her and have welcomed her into our family. 

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Sharon said...

What a great picture- oh she is growing so fast.