Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving fun was had by all. We had a great Thanksgiving and ate A LOT! Wednesday morning we headed to St James for our first Thanksgiving meal. We ate with the whole Carey clan at Teresa's house. It was great, we also celebrated Mary Jane's upcoming 60th birthday. It was fun to have cupcakes on Turkey Day. The weather turned cold and it finally feels like the Holidays in Missouri. On Thursday morning we headed to Gee Gee and Papa's house for our second Thanksgiving meal!

Friday we headed back to St. Louis and we are now trying to come out of our turkey stupor. Christmas is around the corner and Jac is very excited about the Christmas tree. The current debate is a real or fake tree. We have always done real, but of course now that we are older and wiser we are starting to realize a lot less energy would be spent if we broke down and bought the fake tree.

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Christi said...

Go for the real tree! Not for you, but for the kids! That is one of my favorite memories as a kid, was picking out the tree. I know it's a pain in the a$$ though...