Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Haircut Day

Jac needed a haircut (desperately), three weeks ago when we went to get one they were closed! Our schedule was pretty packed and it has been either go get groceries and feed the family or wait to get Jac's hair cut. So we waited and waited. Finally we had another chance today to get to "Snipits" and success - he now looks like an upstanding citizen. Here is a before and after shot.

Mia said 'spoon' for the first time today and 'wawa' for the first time yesterday. She is learning a word every day or so - it is really a fun age. She has about 10 words and 10 signs. She has really picked up on the sign language and it helps her communicate and not get frustrated. She is a walking expert and really can get around quite well. She gets pretty mad if SOMEONE pushes her down. (We will keep that SOMEONE unnamed for now.)

Tomorrow we are off to Austin for the weekend. Grandma and Papa are watching the kids for the weekend. Everyone is well and no teeth coming in, so hopefully they will sleep for them. We get back on Sunday, keep UT in your thoughts this weekend as it will probably be a tough game vs Tech.

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Christi said...

Jac looks like a little boy, not like a baby anymore. I'm sad. :(