Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mia 15 Month

Mia is 15 months old, can you believe it? She had her 15 month shots and checkup yesterday and she is dong VERY well! She is 32 3/4 inches long (97%) and 26lbs 3.5oz (90%) and her head is 48cm (95%) around. Her fine and gross motor are better than most 15 mos olds (which is different than when she was smaller - I think her prematureness hurt her for awhile).

Her language and personal skills are very good, she continues to add words and signs. She can now say 'up', 'sit down' and 'meow'. She understand a ton of what we tell her, sometimes she ignores us, but you know she understands! She is starting to want to read books, loves music, is completely feeding herself and is all around a very loving and sweet baby girl!

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Sharon said...

Had a great time bonding with our littlest grandchild. She is getting more entertaining with a unique personality, and cuter every minute.