Friday, June 25, 2010

Pregnancy Strikes Again

My neighbor said, "So was that your pregnancy oops?"  "Yes, I guess it was." 

On Tuesday, I backed through our garage door.  Seriously.  It sounds a bit worse than it was, because I only backed through part of it and I didn't tear the whole thing up or damage the car terribly.  I was so mad at myself, I boo hooed like a baby.  Did I mention that we just replaced our garage door complete with new opener not three months ago?  Our garage door had seen better days, rusting out, some of the trim was hanging off (we won't mention how it got torn) and the opener sounded like it could launch a shuttle.  So we upgraded the 1975 garage door with a new 2010 verision that has all the bells and whistles.  For one, it has the safety laser at the bottom.  Nice.  There are some other lovely features that I won't go into.  Regardless, I backed into it. 

My DH was just exactly that.  I called him, crying.  He said all the right things, took part of the blame, asked if he should come home and when I said no, came home anyway.  He used his man strength to get the door out of the way so I could actually get my SUV out of the garage, never to be entered again.  Or at least until this baby is born and I am not crazy lady. 

I DID NOT take a picture of failure as a driver.  I decided my memory was the perfect location for that image. 

The lower panel and the weather stripping was replaced today!  Thank you to the workmen who have been to my house multiple times to install the same door.  I truly will try and not damage this one.

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