Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's A Girl

At least that is what the ultrasound tech thinks!  Yay for baby girls!  Everybody is happy that it is a girl, no disappointment from Jac or Mia.  Although everytime someone asked which they would prefer they would switch up their answers, so I am not very sure they had an opinion. 

Everything is good with baby, she is growing right on track (so is the her mama).  All of the organs, limbs, facial features, etc are where they are supposed to be and appear to be functioning properly.  I have really started to feel her kick a lot, which takes a lot of stress off a pregnancy I think.  If you can feel that baby moving inside, you pretty much know all is well. 

I experienced my first 3D ultrasound.  It wasn't that great, I have to admit.  Pretty much looks like the pictures you see of 3D ultrasound, sort of tan with a funky baby in there.  Not too different from the standard ultrasound which is black and white with a funky baby in there.  But it was cool to at lease see it.  You definitely couldn't take a mug shot with that think, no way you would be able to pick your baby out of a lineup from a picture on there. 

Here's to all the pregnant mommies out there, may your babies be healthy! 


Val Daubert said...

Hi Dawn! Congratulations! I didn't even know you had 2 and now you're on number 3. I'm preggers again, too, with our second - a girl! We are thrilled! Due Oct 2. When are you due?
I love your blog. I've been laughing a lot tonight. We are all in the same boat sista' - wish it wasn't so isolating for the first few years, though.
We've both come a long way since being cube neighbors at Dell. And aren't you glad that season is over, at least for now? I know I'm in a much better place.
Raising a smart, caring, independent little person is a much more difficult and important job than peddling PCs, or their service contracts.
Keep writing. I hope you don't mind if I check in once in a while.
:-) Val

Dawn said...

It is so good to hear from you! Sometimes Austin feels so long ago, I love being able to keep in contact with people.

I hope your pregnancy is going well. I am due 11/16. I would love to have you check in! It makes it a lot more fun when I get such great comments.

Lena Marifet said...

Dawn, congrats on another girl and Val - it was good to read your comment too and congrats on being pregnant too. It definitely feels like a baby season:)

I can see everybody misses our Services days at Dell:) ( well at least the people around them). we went to Kim Keating's house the other day and it was so great to catch up and BTW Vince moved to our neighborhood so I see him at the pool once in a while. feels like a trip on a memory lane:)