Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toothy Grin

They are in!  Officially they popped through right as she turned seven months.  But you couldn't really see them until now.   They aren't all the way in, but we are sleeping much better!  Small steps. 

She is also starting to get up on all fours and rock.  I don't see that she will be crawling anytime soon and she has no interest in pulling up yet.  But she is a scooter.  And wow she talks a lot.  She babbles and complains, a lot.  She kind of just says 'uh' really loud, long and drawn out.  All the time.  I am a bit worried.  Jac is our silent child, Mia talks what I consider a lot, but this one - she could have some serious need for conversation. 

And yes, she is saying 'ma' and 'da'.  I am not sure which one came first, to be honest I think 'da' did.  She uses them both interchangeably as her distress call.  When she needs something she will use them, when she is upset, scared, poopy, needs picked up.  So I wouldn't necessarily say she is talking yet.  But she is starting to communicate.  Now we are working on what exactly 'ma' and 'da' mean, so soon she will understand. 

She is an eater!  She still doesn't gobble it up like Jac and Mia did.  But she loves food.  She really wants to eat what we are eating, which is so much easier than baby food.  She loves eggs, toast, cheese, fruit, veggies (especially peas) and yogurt.  We haven't started giving her meat yet.

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