Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Flies with a Seven Month Old

Stella is seven months old today. We are closer to one year than we are to birth at this point, that is something! Right now she is being a pill and not wanting to take her afternoon nap.

Some things she has learned in her seventh month: Sits by herself, feeds herself small table food and Cheerios, looks for toys that are dropped, complains if you take something from her, drinks water from a sippy cup. Very recent developments are she can roll from tummy to back, she does the ‘plank’ pose and has even pulled her knees up under herself once or twice and she is starting to wave ‘bye-bye’ and ‘hello’. Her first bottom tooth just appeared yesterday also! What a month.

She still isn’t a great eater. Just not consistent, sometimes she will eat a lot but sometimes she barely nibbles or will split her bottle up. It could be because of the teething, but I am sure that Jac and Mia never let a little thing like teething come between them and a meal.

She is sleeping okay. Not as great as last month or the month before. Her naps are more consistent and most days she is down to a morning nap and a longer afternoon nap (except for today, I guess). She goes down around 8 at night and then up to eat around 5am. Although there could be as many as three or four awakenings in the middle where you need to help her find a pacifier. (I must admit, after two thumb suckers this pacifier business is for the birds.) My big problem with little Miss Stella is she wants to be up and going after her bottle in the morning. Well, 5:45 is not a respectable time to get up! Although Jac was up at that time this morning, playing quietly in his room. Crazy kids, don’t they know they should sleep in while they can? I have been getting her back to sleep by bringing her to bed, which is a huge no-no. But mommy and daddy are tired!

Stella is a joy. We all love her and she lightens our hearts. She is a talker and loves to ‘trill’. I need to record that lovely sound she makes so she can listen to it when she is 16.

Of course with the third you stop taking pictures.  Hopefully, I can remember to take a picture of the sweet baby tomorrow!

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Sharon said...

Stella is a joy, just like her siblings. Wish we were closer to see her more often. love geegee