Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip to Europe

For all of you that have been missing the blog, we're back! Jeff and I went to Ireland and England so March has absolutely flown by. Here are a couple of pictures, the first one is in front of the Blarney Castle where we both kissed the Blarney Stone. The second one is in front of Buckingham Palace.

We loved Ireland and had a fantastic time driving around the countryside. Here are the top ten takeaways (oops eleven) from our trip.

1. Irish people are super nice.
2. England has pretty much taken every treasure in the world and put it in a museum.
3. The Irish pretty much only eat in pubs!
4. We now get the Ireland and American bond because of the Potato Famine and all of the necessary immigration.
5. Europe is much more Green the US.
6. We are fat compared to the English and Irish!
7. When you go into a pub, order first, then sit down.
8. A weather report is like an E! True Hollywood Story.
9. The Irish speed limit, truly is a limit of exactly how fast you can go without killing yourself.
10. The English are really tall, especially in comparison to the Irish. We figured it was because they stole all of the meat.
11. For some reason they serve their food at about a 1000 degrees.

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