Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Why oh Why oh Why?

Why do toddlers ask Why? I don't know but responding with a detailed and creative answer will only prompt the next question, why? And if you respond with a curt, one word answer, again you will hear, why? Almost any statement you can make can be replied to by, why? And even those that don't make sense to be followed up with a "why" will be by a 2 almost 3 year old! It is a little maddening. I feel like Laurel and Hardy sometimes. It does make me laugh as we move into a new phase that is so cliched but it is new to us, because now I get it!

Jac is officially asking 'why' all of the time. Perfectly age appropriate, but also quite annoying if you just need something to be done or are in a hurry. Sometimes it is cute to see his wheels turning. Other times I think he is just asking why out of hand and not even listening to the answer.

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