Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Prayer List

If you have an extra two minutes today, if you could say a small prayer for the people in my life who have a need. I would greatly appreciate it. Just ask for blessings and safe keepings for these individuals. Some of them are traveling, some of them are grieving and some of them are just clumsy and have recently fell down=) and some just need a little extra love in their lives.
David Grandel
Sharon Grandel
Misty Grandel
Doug Grandel
Daphne Grandel
Heather Locke
Jim Carey
Mary Jane Carey
Zachary Gottschalk
Magen Gottschalk
Christi Wooley
Joseph Murphey
Kara Long
Amanda Surrec

1 comment:

Christi said...

This made me cry. :( I'm saying extra prayers for everyone, especially me!!