Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

Santa came! He did a really good job at the Carey house too! When Jac came down the stairs with Jeff Christmas morning he was in shock. He literally said nothing for at least 5 minutes. No expression, no smile and he didn't want to get down. He was definitely speechless. It didn't take too much coaxing to get him to start opening presents. He opened all of his presents and only got bogged down when he would get cars. He would want to play with the cars instead of moving on. Mia did well, she got into the swing of things as the morning went along.

GeeGee and Papa joined us for Christmas morning and Aunt Daphne was supposed to be there although she was sick with the stomach flu and we never saw her. Poor thing.

It was a fun Christmas with lots of blessings. Here are some cute pictures from the morning.

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