Friday, September 7, 2012

And the Journey Continues

Mia has had a lot of first's lately.  First tooth, first day of kindergarten, first bus ride, first broken arm - and if God smiles on us the last broken bone she will ever have.  Today we celebrate the first day of her next year.  She is six. 

This personality packed little girl is growing up.  She no longer oozes baby cuteness, her round tummy, cheeks and hands are growing stronger and longer.  She is all elbows and knees and her face is blossoming into beauty instead of cuteness.  She still lisps, but has slowly stopped some of her baby way of saying things.  "Wipe" is now "white".  "Drame" is  now "drain".  "Hangaber" is now "hamburger". 

And then she will do something that reminds me we have many many years to go, like looking at me with complete frankness talking about Leprachaun traps and that this is a journey together that doesn't end.  It changes and grows.  I once thought when Jac was first born, "how is it possible that I love this little person so much?"  I know now that the love you feel for your child when they are born is just the tip of the iceberg.  As crazy as it seems at the time, that love grows and swells as you truly fall in love with them and get to know their personality. 

Mia I love you.  I love it when you cross your legs.  I love it when you growl for Stella.  I love it when you negotiate the wrong way.  I love it when you "read" me a story that you have written.  I love it when teach yourself how to do things.  I love it when you tell ghost stories. I love it when you try to whistle.  I love it when you remind me that Stella just wants to be a big girl.  I love it when you get mad because you can't do something yourself.  I love it when you cheat at games.  I love it when you snuggle with me.

You told me before Kindergarten started, that you thought "I'm probably the oldest, I'm probably the tallest, I may be the fastest, and I know that I am the smartest."  For confidence you are not lacking.  But in my book you are all of those things and more.  You have so much potential, but I love who you are right here in this moment.  More than you can possibly imagine.


Heather said...

Beautiful! Both Mia and her Mom!

Heather said...

Beautiful! Both Mia and her Mom!

Fun Loving said...

What a special message for Mia! You made me cry! How awesome for her to be able to read this one day when she has a daughter her age and she understands to her core everything embodied in this message. :)

Love you and miss you!

Connor Harley said...

Your child, Mia, looks wonderful and adorable. I salute you for raising a child like her. You are a great mom and I can feel your love for her.