Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Charmed Life

My husband truly leads a charmed life. 

Evidently, while I was tucking in children...Well actually, it was more than likely after that, much later than that, my DH was on a rooftop bar in the lovely city of Chicago entertaining clients at the "Internet Retailer" conference.  His job is very stressful you see.

As the group was entertaining, a photographer shows up with a group of "models" to take pictures for a magazine or a brochure that the bar/restaurant were going to be featured in.  An area has been roped off for them and they go about their business.

I guess the four women were either stood up by their male model counterpart or the person who booked the shoot just counted on free male talent to be out there, because (yes you know where this is going) the photographer comes straight up to Jeff and asks if he will be in some of the picutres.

My obliging husband of course says yes and proceeds to have a photo shoot with the four "models".  I put the word "models" in quotes because after he had used that word very loosely in retelling the story; I guess he feels that he is getting the stink eye from me because he says, 'well, "models" may be a poor choice of words.'  I asked him what would be a better word, and he didn't  have one off the top of his head.