Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mia's Trip

Mia went on a trip with Gee Gee and Papa recently.  They went to Arizona and saw lots of things. What they saw and where they went seem less important than the fact that Mia is five and a half and truly becoming a big girl.  It was long, 9 days without her.  It was far away, I was a bit freaked and wanted to know the exact itinerary at all times.  She had a very good time, but I think the timing was a little bad because I had just started work and we were in the midst of hiring a nanny. 

I freaked out a bit when she wouldn't talk to me on the phone.  We would have daily phone calls, and there was one day - her second I believe that she refused to say anything.  We finally figured out that if we put her speaker phone and she could have the phone sitting on the table she did much better.  She could talk and Gee Gee and Papa could help with the conversation too.  Sheesh - talk about stress!

From her perspective - she registered for kindergarten, she went on a long trip with her grandparents, her mommy started work and she is now being taken care of during the day by a nanny.  Wow - each in and of itself could cause problems but all together she was a bit of a wreck for awhile.  My Mia who has no problem sleeping through the night was waking up.  She was rebelling on me working.  She was talking about not going to school full time next year, she would prefer half days. 

So you know all of these things were weighing on her.  I missed her terribly while she was gone.  Jeff traveled for a good deal during that time and between the two of them being gone I was a bit lost. 

The good news is that she seems to have adjusted.  It took her quite a while, although actually all of the kiddos adjusted quicker than I thought they would.  Stella very fast, Jac in about 4 weeks and Mia now after 8 weeks seems to be herself.  Mommy still has a ways to go, sigh.

Here are some pics:

Yes, I believe she is sitting at a bar.

She has prominent ears to begin with but this is ridiculous!

 My parents, Mia and my sister, Heather.

I love this pic, the hat could be adjusted just a touch, don't you think?

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