Thursday, January 19, 2012

To a New Year

Jeff and I took time over New Year's and went to Cancun, Mexico and wait for it - just the two of us!  It was fantastic.  I have to say that four days all alone with my husband was fantastic and everyone should do it.  It really makes you remember all the reasons you love them! 

Some key takeaways from Mexico:

  • The ocean is beautiful, for some reason I was expecting some level of pollution if not in the ocean than in the intercoastal waterway.  It was all crystal clear and beautiful.
  • Gulf seafood is awesome.
  • Mexicans are amazingly friendly (both tourists and people in the service industry) and much more industrious than 99% of Americans.
This may be controversial, but I think we should evict Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama from the union and bring in Mexico!  They seriously have more in common with a Wall Street Financial Analyst than someone from Jackson, Mississippi.  They work so hard and never seem to rest or go slow.  We would be strolling along and all of the Mexicans who were heading to work or already at work would be zipping around us.

Here are scenes from our balcony.

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