Monday, December 7, 2009

The Meaning of Christmas

One of my goals this year has been to introduce some traditions that really help the kids understand the meaning of Christmas.  Not focus as much on the getting and more on the giving and helping aspects.  I have a ton of ideas and only so much time before the big day actually arrives. 

We have been reading a scripture from an Advent calendar each day, and Jac is always very excited to find out what is behind the little window.  We also have been lighting an Advent candle each Sunday.  Both of these are things that we can continue as the kids get older. 

I like the idea of a Jesse tree, a birthday party for Jesus, a good deed manger and many more.  What are some of the traditions that your family has for Christmas?

By the way, on a totally secular topic.  Our elf Paco is doing great, he has been flying back to the North Pole EVERY evening which is true testament to what a devoted Daddy Jac and Mia have.  (Someone has to remember, and I tell you, it isn't going to be Mommy unless I write a note!)  I have used Paco's name to strike fear into the heart of both my children on several occasions, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.  Bedtime has been going smoother, "you need to go to sleep so that Paco can go ahead and go the North Pole", I guess my children are considerate enough that they don't want him flying about too late at night.  At least three meltdowns have been avoided because, "what will Paco have to report to Santa tonight"?


Daphne said...

I also like the sense of giving. We are having aLl of our students do a project of some kind dealing with charity and the spirit of giving. You could make some cookies and take them to a neighbor or ask the kids to give a toy they don't play with to charity. I'm glad Paco is doing a great job!

Dawn said...

There are so many ways to give, both big and small it just takes some creativity.

ChrisJ said...

Traditions are so important. As a child, I always had an advent calendar with a chocolate behind the little door. On Christmas Eve we always went to candlelight service and then home for hot chocolate. The traditions you establish for your children will be with them always.