Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Trooper died this weekend. We were completely caught off guard and had no idea that anything was wrong. It was hard. He was like our first baby. So far Jac and Mia have adjusted well (much better than mommy and daddy). I was sad for a few days and would cry unexpectedly over little things like coming home from the grocery store and not having Trooper greet us. Jac would tell me, "don't be sad mommy, be happy!" The only time I got worried was when Jac said, "don't worry mommy, Trooper will be back soon." We had a conversation about how he wasn't coming back and Jac didn't have a mild melt down and screamed, "I want to see him now!" However, he was over quickly when I told him that he would need to look at Trooper's picture if he wanted to see him. I am sure we will get to have this conversation a few more times.

Trooper touched a place in our hearts and everyone's he met. He was part of our family and will be missed deeply.

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